Monday, November 2, 2015

A spooky story

Spooky Story
By Maddison year 4

There was a creepy place, it was hallow, there was a lot of graves, I felt scared. It was like I was being stalked but there was no one behind me. There was not that much light. I got closer; there was a statue of a person. When I went through the hallway there was wood creaking but there was no one. I heard a heartbeat in the water then I knew it was haunted. I saw a statue but in the reflection there was a skeleton. Then there was a big CRASH! I climbed up then I was outside I looked up I saw another statue but dark. I turned around and I was outside I felt like It was showing me where to go I turned around there was a table with bibles and a cross on the wall. I looked up and there was a bat I thought it might have been Dracula. The end 

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