Friday, November 25, 2016

Room 10 Review

We did a reflection today on what we have learned during 2016 in our digital class. 
We learned to be quality bloggers, writing kind, useful and helpful comments. 
We learned that we always have a digital footprint, and should be aware of it. 
We learned how to use many different DLO's such as Movenote, Storyboard That, Kahoots, Google Slide, Google Sheets, Google Docs, WeVideo and Screen Castify.


  1. Hello Room 10,

    Your slide show is so cool, I really liked how some had the google chrome symbal and some had photos of the people as the background. Did you learn about 'Dez and Troy'? I love th GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format) you used they are so cool, did you know that they were first created in 1987, cool right!

    Yaldhurst Model School

  2. Hi Room 10,

    Nice Work Room 10!
    One thing that was the best was you guys explained what you guys were doing. One thing you guys could work on is more information.

  3. Hi Room 10!
    I love this reflection you have done!
    It shows us all that there are more fun and creative ways to present something digital.

    Some people in my class are in the process of making an animation; looking at how much fun you have had, I am going to start one too!

    Would any of you recommend an interesting site to make an animation on?

    Great job!
    Rimu Class
    Yaldhurst Model School
    Christchurch New Zealand

  4. Hi room Ten ,
    It shows Me you guys no useful digital skills
    Why did you make review of digital stuff your learned?
    You must enjoy having chromebooks.
    Looking ford to next post.
    Yaldhurst Model school

  5. Hi Room 10,

    I really liked how you explained what you learnt digitally during 2016.
    Also I liked that you used a google slide for your presentation. There is this really cool presentation website called 'Prezi' copy this link if you want to check it out. Also how long did it take to create this presentation? How did you remember all of your work that you did over the year?

    Kind regards
    Yaldhurst Model School

  6. Hi Room 10, thanks for using your individual creativity to make a wonderful class slide presentation of your learning using chromebooks this year. I am sure that next year you will continue to learn more ways of utilising your device at school that are interesting and exciting.

  7. Kia ora Room 10,
    I'm impressed with all the learning you have done this year. I like the way you have written some of the most important learning below your slides. The colours make them stand out.
    Mrs Krausse