Friday, July 21, 2017

Matariki by Kyahn Year 3

Matariki by Kyahn Year 3, Room 2

Matariki is when it is Maori New year. You will see 7 stars in the sky. These are 7 sisters called Matariki.

Tane got annoyed because the 7 sisters keeps going around the mum and dad. So Tane made the seven sisters constellation.

The eldest one is Tupu-a-nuku. She looks after the vegetables and she reads stories. There are blue dust around the 7 sisters.

We celebrate Matariki by collecting seafood to eat and share with our family.


  1. hi room 2 i like your writing of matariki and i like your leaning about matariki and you can be the best class in park estate school

  2. Hi my name is Te Marama and I am a student at Ohaeawai Primary School. I really liked that you put the names of the seven sisters and Tane Mahuta. I think that you could do a video of Matariki. My brothers name is Tane! Please visit my blog