Friday, November 25, 2016

Thank you Mrs G!

Room 10 made a collaborated farewell slide for Mrs. Gattung. We appreciate that she taught us everything about being quality bloggers, writing kind, thoughtful and helpful comments. 
We hope she will have a great festive season. 


  1. Bonjour Room 10,
    This is a really cool slide! Miss G sounds like a really cool teacher. My advice is to proofread as I spotted some mistakes on fonts and wording like: ¨You will never be missed¨. Did you see those?
    Merci, Au Revoir Room 10,
    From Hannah,
    Yaldhurst Model School,

  2. Hello Room 10,

    This is an amazing slide. Miss G sounds like an amazing teacher. Next time proofread before you post as I saw a few mistakes.

    Amazing post, keep it up.

    Yaldhurst Model School, Christchurch

  3. Hi Room 10!
    This is such a great post! This is a really nice way to show your thanks and it is being really grateful. Im sure Mrs G will be really happy!

    Kind regards,
    Bella N,

  4. Hi Room 10 and Mrs M, I am very honoured that you would create such a presentation for me. Watching it with you last Friday brought tears to my eyes. Your lovely words and comments about what you have learnt are very precious. I hope I can also keep coming to your school next year and that you talk to me about your learning. I will also keep reading your blogs to see what learning you're sharing with everyone. Have a great Christmas everyone and a safe and happy summer holiday.

  5. Kia ora Room 10,
    Great to see all your learning from this year. It's good to reflect on what you have learnt. I have learnt a lot about facilitation from being in your class. I like the you all are keen to learn new things and you give them ago straight away. Thanks for mentioning me in one of the slides.
    Mrs Krausse