Friday, February 10, 2017

Welcome to Room 2!

We are a vibrant year 2 and 3 class! Week 1 consisted mostly of getting our routines in place and  learning to know each other. 
One thing room 2 learners like to do is to read their own story books. They are pretty good at reading by themselves or reading with a buddy. 


  1. Hi room 2,
    I was impressed by how well you guys were reading you books, because it looked like you guys are reading very quietly. Next time you could add a video about how quiet you can read without being told.

    Kind regards,

  2. Hi my my name is Liam from Ruma Ono at Kaniere School. Amazing reading.

  3. Hi my name is Will from Ruma Ono at Kaniere School. I hope you do lots of stuff at your School.

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  5. Hi my name Liam from Ruma Ono at Kaniere School. great reading bye

  6. Hi there my name is Tanner and I am a student at Ohaeawai primary school.I really like your made me think about you making a bigger song.Have you thought about using bigger sticks . If you would like to view my learning, my blog is