Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Golden Unicorn By Jodice 18 June 2015 Year 4

There are thousands of golden unicorns in Paris but they have disappeared because of sunny days .                                                                                                                          

A golden unicorn  has  body  of a lion and gold on its body. It has a pattern of a zebra 3 eyes and a curly horn and it is a gold and silver colour. As a gold unicorn moves it send out lava. It is thought while many Golden unicorns are found in Paris areas no one actually ever knows  where they live in the winter.
The golden unicorn only live in Paris. It is thought that they are very bad and therefore are seen during the night. They sleep under gold or curled up amongst gold, however at daytime the golden unicorn emerges and if you are lucky can been some seen by the skylit pool. Remember to take dollars with you as the golden unicorn loves to eat on these little coins because of their crunchy taste.

Unfortunately because the golden unicorn has gold in their horns this has meant that they have been hunted almost to extinction. Their horns are ground down to a paste which can then be used to enchant even the cruelest of tyrants. Over the month so many golden unicorns have been killed that they have learned to stay away from mankind.

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