Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Money Unicorn by Emily Year 5


There are many  money  unicorns  around  the world but they have been hunted.

A money unicorns  has a body of a horse and a money tail. The  horns sticks out from the middel typically  they  have pretty tails. The money unicorn has a body made out of money and coins .
very  long tail made out of coins and it make a cling sound when it moves it sends out money for 
the sky.

While many unicorn are found in a variety of areas the money unicorn only lives in banks. It is 
thought that they are very magical and therefore not often hit. During the winter they sleep under 
ferns in caves or curled up. However at night the money unicorn emerges and if you are lucky can 
be seen by the money pool. Remember to take some strawberry and chocolate as the money 
unicorn love to snack of the little candy because of their sweet taste.

Money unicorn has a fairly limited diet . In the main they only live in beds and leaves and other 
forms of vegetation however they can be tempted with money chocolate. Additionally some like to 
eat cake. Becarefoul when you are near a money unicorn their bodies can give a sugar shock.

Unfortunately they have been killed and scribble on their horns and they look ugly. The money
unicorn has been very scared and therefore stay away from mankind.

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