Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Thunder Unicorn by Crichton Year 5

The Thunder Unicorn
By Crichton 23 June 2015 Year 5

There are thousands of billions of Thunder Unicorns in the world but they became extinct because of hunting.

The Thunder Unicorn has a body of a horse and a long horn. The horn is a shiny gold horn and it sticks out of the middle of its head. Typically it is a beautiful blue and gold colour.

While many unicorns are found in a variety of areas the Thunder Unicorn only live in forests. It is thought that they are very dangerous and must be killed. During the daytime they hunt for food like pears and some like to eat nuts. However at night the Thunder Unicorn gets its energy from the water. Remember to take some pears with you as the Thunder Unicorn love to snack on these little morsels because of their sweet taste.

Unfortunately because goblins want the power from their horns they have hunted the Thunder Unicorn.  They need to use their horns for weapons. They need the power for thunder to make light. Over the years the Thunder Unicorn has been killed because of the goblins hunted them for about 10 000 years.

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