Friday, July 24, 2015

The Zoofari Trip Johann Year 5 Friday 24 2015

The Zoofari Trip
Johann Year 5 Friday 24 2015
Yesterday we went to Auckland zoo. It was really fun because the animals were funny. We went in a double decker bus. When I looked at the cars they look like toy cars. The bus was tilting and I thought it was going to tip over.

Then we saw the Meerkats. We went into the meerkat tunnels and it was very dark. We also saw the ducks, they were black and their eyes were red.

Next we saw the hippos. Their heads were big. Room 9 was singing a mahi pai song to make the hippo come out of the water and it worked. We passed the hippos and we saw the flamingos. They were pink and white. We saw the baboons and they were funny. They were doing trick shots. We saw the loins they did nothing really but it was worth it to see them.

I saw the otters. There were three of them and they were swimming. The red panda was good at climbing a tree. It had a little house so it can rest💤.

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