Monday, September 21, 2015

Looking back on our totem poles

Room 10 Environmental Art - Term 3 2015

First we worked in groups and designed our totem poles.

Aisea's group wanted to make a key star to represent the importance of Mana.
Crichton's group considered using bottle tops and looked at the practicality of it.
After tracing our letters onto wood we used the jigsaw to cut them out. This was very tricky!

Some of us used the sander to sand the letters...
Some of us had to sand the tricky parts without a machine...
It felt like the sanding went on forever.

Each letter got a layer of glue to strengthen in. 
Each letter got 2 layers of undercoat.

We practiced how to paint on some old poles.

Then the painting started...

Each group had to follow their plan step by step.
Emily's group chose to add tiles to their letters to make it stand out.

Daelyn's group used keys to show that Aroha is the key to everything.

Aisea's group wanted rainbows to represent our school logo. 
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Mr Maritz came to help us to dig the holes...

After the poles were planted and the undercoats were done, we could finally start with the fun part of putting it all together. 

The final result when everything was added together...

Thank you room were awesome and your hard work has paid off!

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  1. Kia ora Room 10,
    It is great to see the steps you took to get your totem poles to the finished product. I like the aroha pole with the hearts behind the letters the best. I wonder what other things you can make now you have so many skills.

    Mrs Krausse