Monday, February 22, 2016

Receiving our chrome books - super excited!

Mrs Maritz: The children loved receiving their chrome books and couldn't wait to start working on it. We learned the following today:
- How to log on
- How to create a new background for our desktop
- How to bookmark our class site
- How Hapara works - all my work leaves a digital trail.
- How to click on a picture on our site to go to Mathletics or study ladder.
- What is a tab.

Children's voice:
Maddison: I am happy to have my chrome book, because I can change the background and work.

Johann: I'm happy about it because I get to type faster. I'm going to use my chrome book for learning.

Shushant: I'm really happy, because it's my first chrome book. I'm going to learn with it.

Ronak: I feel surprised because it is my first time I have my own chrome book. I'm going to use it for learning.

Sam: It's amazing, good, cool. I'm going to use it for Maths.

Matrix: I feel happy because I'm going to be doing my work. I like changing the background.

Jodice: I feel happy because I can type faster and I can learn faster.

Kelly: I feel excited because it's the first time I have my own chrome book. I have learned to never tell anybody my password.

Riley: I feel good about my chrome book. I'm going to use it to learn.

Carlos: I feel good about my chrome book apart from the enter button that is broken. I like to do maths on my chrome book.

Ruben: I feel good to use a chrome book and can't wait for my own.

Terina: I feel good about my chrome book. I'm going to use it to learn. I like Matific the most, it's cool.

Manawaroa: The chrome book is cool. I like Mathletics the most.

James: I feel good. I don't know what I like the most.

Luke: I feel happy about my chrome book. I'm going to learn to write or type.


  1. Sounds exciting Room 10. Can't wait to check out all the amazing learning you produce.

  2. Hi Room 10
    I was really exited when I got my Chromebook
    From Jessb

  3. When we got our chrome books we were very excited.Sam

  4. Hi Room 10,
    Thanks for sharing that piece of writing Room 10,
    I felt like you were going to have a good year with your Chromebooks!
    Everyone seems happy and excited!
    Have you guys ever tried to do sunshine online?

    Ridha ^-^

    1. Hi Ridha

      we did try sunshine online it is very fun to do it is a south African game I really like it do you?

      Kind regards

      Riley ~.~

  5. Hi kelly it's me tatiana i like your writing about your new chromebook

  6. Hi kelly it's me from ptengland school i hope you are having a good time at your new school i like your writing hazel said that she likes your writing too very much and we miss you very much