Friday, April 15, 2016

Cybersmart room 10 - Tips how to keep our chrome books safe with Mrs Krause


  1. Hi room 10
    Now I know what to do with my Chromebook :)
    From Jessica.B

  2. Hi Room 10. Your tips are all good tips but some of the pictures are covering the words. Some of the words are cut as well because you screenshot it. So next time you should copy and paste. I can help you if you need it. From Rangi

  3. Hi Room 10. Your work was amazing because it tells us some very good tips about looking after your Chromebook. Maybe next time you could insert a picture using the URL or copy and paste. This will make your photo clearer. From Jordan

  4. Hi Room 10,
    Nice job with your chromebook tips,
    Some of the pictures are covering the words and the pictures are a bit too close,Maybe you could use a good colour combination so the words stand out?

  5. Hi room ten I liked how
    you did the Chromebook tips
    I found it very interesting
    from Leila.

  6. dear room ten I liked how you rote don't keep your lid open when you are walking that was really good

  7. Hi room ten
    i like how you do that slide

  8. Hi room 10. The slide was amazing, but some of the pictures were on the words and it was cramped. next time you should fix that. from Nate.

  9. Hello Room 10
    My name is Faith and I am from Christ The King School.
    What an amazing slideshow this is! There are some good tips that you all have for chromebooks. Keep up the AWESOME work!