Thursday, August 11, 2016

If we were in the Olympics we would like to do...


  1. Hi Room 10,

    This is a very cool slideshow and if I was in the olympics I would do sprints or sevens. I love all of the sports you said but I would be very bad at gymnastics. Keep up the good work.

    Isaac Yaldhurst Model school.

  2. Hi Room 10,

    This is a really interesting slideshow. If I was in the Olympics I would probably pick 100m sprints.

    Regards Zara.

  3. Hi Room 10!

    I really like your sldieshow on all the olympics and what they are! It has a lot of information on all the different sports that are in the olympics! I really love the presentation and how the slides change! You may just want to check over some of the slides to make sure they sound ok and the slides are easy to read. This is quite a neat idea on showing the olympic sports! If I was in the olympics I would choose doing the 100 meter sprints!! What about you guys?


  4. Hi room 10.
    I really liked your slide show. If i went to the olympics i would choose boxing and soccer. What would you guys choose.Next time i think you should re read over your post before you post it on your blog.

  5. Hi Room 10

    That was really cool. But also for next time on some slides you could put some more information about the sport and on the first slide the writing is little bit hard to read.

    Kind regards
    Awahono school

  6. Hi Room 10,

    I like your idea of sharing information you have found about sports from the Olympics. Next time you could focus on finishing sentences and leaving a space after a comma (,).
    How long did it take to find all this information?

    Yaldhurst Model School

  7. Thanks for helping me learn about the olympics. Those sports look like fun. I would like to try Gymnastics.

  8. Hi Room 10, great idea for presenting some of the Olympic sports. Just remember to think about the size of the writing on the slides. A couple have very tiny fonts and for older people like me it's too small to read. I like the grace of gymnastics.

  9. Hi Room 10,
    I am from Christ The King School. I would like to say that this an amazing presentation about the Olympic.
    Please come and comment on my blog:
    From: Losaline

  10. Bonjour Room 10,

    That looks very interesting, looks like a lot of people liked gymnastics and soccer!
    Did you know that The first Winter Olympic Games were held in Chamonix, France in 1924!
    For the people who wanted to do gymnastics who’s your favourite gymnast?

    Rimu Class
    Yaldhurst Model School

    1. Hi Emily

      my fav gymnast would be Shannon Miller because she is good at gymnastics and she won four gold medals.I hope that I could be like her one day if I practice hard enough to get to that stage

      Kind regards


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  12. Hi Room 10,
    I really like your slideshow, if I was in the Olympics I would choose to do the 100m Freestyle swimming or 100m sprint!
    Wow I didn’t know that gymnastics has been around for 2000 years; and I used to do gymnastics!
    Did you know that New Zealand won 18 medals that year?
    How long did you take to do it?
    Yaldhurst Model School